The Common Livingroom

The Common LivingRoom is a community-generated programme, to create community networks by triggering creative solidarity engagement within and ‘outside’ the household. To respond to our current times, collaborators based in Norway will be invited to produce performative actions, e-publications, and micro study meetings over the upcoming months. For that to happen, we have crafted an invitation-in-sequence process; each direct collaborator will be selecting an individual(s) to lead the next event session(s). Aiming to facilitate face-to-face encounters between professionals in various artistic areas and individuals in society. 


The Common LivingRoom was supported by Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway) and KORO – Public Art Norway.

The Union launched a new series of events under the title THE COMMON LIVINGROOM, new chapter SOFA SOUNDS.
WINDOW VIEWS: Culture and Creative Activism is an integral part of The Common Living Room project curated by The Union. This initiative aims to transform private spaces into communal hubs by exploring innovative coexistence concepts. WINDOW VIEWS specifically delves into the intersection of culture and creative activism, providing a unique lens through which to engage with societal narratives. As part of this project, artists and activists are invited to contribute their perspectives on global issues, creating a dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. The windows serve as both literal and metaphorical portals, offering glimpses into diverse cultures, perspectives, and the transformative power of creative activism within our shared living spaces.

The Union is launching a new series of events entitled THE COMMON LIVINGROOM, a number of informal Covid-free meet-ups in our living room located in Old Town, Oslo. We are starting off with the chapte...