The Hjemmefra Residency, initiated by The Union, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. It began as a fully remote low-residency program in Norway, driven by the need to address the challenges artists faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The residency set out to explore open, inclusive, and flexible home-work models, promote solidarity funding, and create a supportive environment for Norway’s contemporary artists.

As time went on, Hjemmefra expanded its horizons. It opened its doors to artists beyond Norway, welcoming a Nordic community of creatives. The program adapted to changing circumstances, transitioning into a partially in-person experience while maintaining its commitment to artistic exploration and community building.

Hjemmefra Residency’s journey is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and creativity in the ever-shifting landscape of contemporary art. It has evolved into a dynamic platform where artists can not only survive but thrive, fostering diverse intellectual and artistic narratives within Norwegian society and beyond.

The third edition of Hjemmefra residency is been shifted into a new format where 5 invited practitioners from the Nordic Region will be based on a 5-day physical meeting in Oslo and surroundings and an online programme. After the experience of the previous residencies and based on the desire and need to return to face-to-face meetings, we propose a hybrid programme that will be focused on a joint experience to be held in late August in Fagerstrand (Nesodden), a small port located south of the city of Oslo.
The second edition of the residency invites five transdisciplinary artists from the Nordic region to critically rehearse ideas and practices that foster renewed forms of reciprocity, composting, and commoning as forms of resistance, healing, and de-growth. This collective experience will be informed by the sharing of resources in order to formulate possible futures and to unfold new ecosystems fed by digital resistance and subversive know-how(s). The aim of this series of trainings and rehearsals is to question the existing boundaries between the physical and the virtual, between remoteness and closeness, between art and life.
The project is a two-month remote residency program for five Norway-based visual artists, to work as artists in residency from their own home. This low-residency format aims at working with the artist’s life as it is;  no relocation, no change of job, family responsibilities remain almost intact, and community involvement becomes part of the household fabric. The residency will connect participants with relevant professional individuals from Norway and abroad through peer-to-peer sessions.

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