The Union´s “laid-back” projects target power structures in society, triggering loosen-up critical reflections through the use of unconventional, domestic, and experiential practices. We work to create other valorization structures for art, life, and culture, and to reshape people’s interaction—giving form to new collective practices of care, participation, and empowerment. The Union cultivates countercultures and creative-civil community engagement.

Sofa Sounds

The Union launched a new series of events under the title THE COMMON LIVINGROOM, new chapter SOFA SOUNDS.
The third edition of Hjemmefra residency is been shifted into a new format where 5 invited practitioners from the Nordic Region will be based on a 5-day physical meeting in Oslo and surroundings and an online programme. After the experience of the previous residencies and based on the desire and need to return to face-to-face meetings, we propose a hybrid programme that will be focused on a joint experience to be held in late August in Fagerstrand (Nesodden), a small port located south of the city of Oslo.
The second edition of the residency invites five transdisciplinary artists from the Nordic region to critically rehearse ideas and practices that foster renewed forms of reciprocity, composting, and commoning as forms of resistance, healing, and de-growth. This collective experience will be informed by the sharing of resources in order to formulate possible futures and to unfold new ecosystems fed by digital resistance and subversive know-how(s). The aim of this series of trainings and rehearsals is to question the existing boundaries between the physical and the virtual, between remoteness and closeness, between art and life.
The project is a two-month remote residency program for five Norway-based visual artists, to work as artists in residency from their own home. This low-residency format aims at working with the artist’s life as it is;  no relocation, no change of job, family responsibilities remain almost intact, and community involvement becomes part of the household fabric. The residency will connect participants with relevant professional individuals from Norway and abroad through peer-to-peer sessions.
WINDOW VIEWS: Culture and Creative Activism is an integral part of The Common Living Room project curated by The Union. This initiative aims to transform private spaces into communal hubs by exploring innovative coexistence concepts. WINDOW VIEWS specifically delves into the intersection of culture and creative activism, providing a unique lens through which to engage with societal narratives. As part of this project, artists and activists are invited to contribute their perspectives on global issues, creating a dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. The windows serve as both literal and metaphorical portals, offering glimpses into diverse cultures, perspectives, and the transformative power of creative activism within our shared living spaces.
Our guests will digitally ‘go around’, with a Moscow Mule or a Negroni (change for non-alcoholic beverages) in their hands, to eavesdrop on what people are listening to all over the planet or in their hometown. Tapping into digital radio stations and live-reflecting on the glimpses of culture and daily happenings in different cities around the world. Facilitating a sound journey and a place to dance on the international political ground.