The Union is an artist-run mediation platform consisting of Norway-based Martinka Bobrikova (NO,SK) and Oscar de Carmen (ESP). 

The Union was funded in November 2019 and has been active since March 2020. Former members included Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez (PE/PS) who we had the pleasure to work with until 2023. 

One of the core missions of The Union is to explore new socio-political realities through digital and physical activism and creative-citizen movements: the impact of Covid-19 – for artists, activists, thinkers, and creative minds – and its aftermath, being one of the most urgent ones.

The Union´s “laid-back” projects target power structures in society, triggering loosen-up critical reflections through the use of unconventional, domestic, and experiential practices. We work to create other valorization structures for art, life, and culture, and to reshape people’s interaction—giving form to new collective practices of care, participation, and empowerment. The Union cultivates countercultures and creative-civil community engagement.

The Union projects were supported by Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway), KORO – Public Art Norway and Nordic Culture Point.



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