The Common LivingRoom: Ch. Sofa Sounds, Ep.1 Best Hits & Radical Politics w. Ihra Lill Scharning


premiered on Mixcloud in 2020 and a second itineration happened at radiOrakel in 2021

Earlier this year, The Union launched a new series of events under the title The Common LivingRoom, starting off with the chapter WINDOW VIEWS | ep. Artists vs. Non-artists talks. This time around, we want to introduce you to a new chapter SOFA SOUNDS | ep. 1 Best Hits & Radical Politics. In this series of podcasts and audio labs, our guests will be creating political mashups featuring their best hits on protest songs, political speeches, and more. Radically reflecting on issues spanning from social movements, national and international politics, critical theory, and pressing topics on our current cultural life.

In this third and final episode of Best Hits & Radical Politics, we will be broadcasting Ihra Lill Scharning’s sound piece Offend One and You Offend Them All. Somewhere between twelve and twenty-one percent of the population is living with a disability – of visible, invisible, physical, cognitive, combined, or undefined natures. There is one-third of a chance that you yourself will become disabled during your lifetime. Maybe for only a week or two or permanently. This largest marginalized group in society has nothing in common as individuals. Scharning’s sound mix contains fragments of their stories—borrowed, stolen, exchanged, and recycled in this one-hour piece.

Premiere Offend One and You Offend Them All
On Monday 28th September at 20:00, join the premiere on Mixcloud where we’ll be broadcasting Lill’s piece. Later on, “Offend One and You Offend Them All” will be also available on Spotify as part of The Common Living Room 2020 playlist.

Ihra Lill (b 1986) is an artist living and working in Oslo, Norway. Attended Malmö Art academy from 2009-2014. Alongside an art practice as a filmmaker, visual artist, and storyteller, Ihra Lill is working as an advisor and crip activist, fighting for disability rights. read more

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The Common LivingRoom is a community-generated programme, to create community networks by triggering creative solidarity engagement within and ‘outside’ the household. To respond to our current times, collaborators based in Norway will be invited to produce performative actions, e-publications, and micro study meetings over the upcoming months. For that to happen, we have crafted an invitation-in-sequence process; each direct collaborator will be selecting an individual(s) to lead the next event session(s). Aiming to facilitate face-to-face encounters between professionals in various artistic areas and individuals in society.

The Common LivingRoom is supported by Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway) and KORO – Public Art Norway.