The Common LivingRoom: Ch. Sofa Sounds, Ep.3 Disco Meditation Ivar Winther and Center of the Universe

The third episode in The Common LivingRoom | Sofa Sounds is Disco Meditation, in this engaging piece you will experience a semi-guided and atypical meditation soundscape. Appealing to a deep sense of relaxation for the body and mind. Soundtracks and live interventions serve as a backdrop, whilst the public is invited to engage in both individual and collective practices of ‘active stillness’. This episode makes room for resistance gestures, as emergency tools to counter the speed-pace of neoliberalism and its high demand for productivity. Helping quieten our chattering mind, anxiety-led lives, and help to cope with the current Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.  The sound will be premiered on radiOrakel on Friday, October 22 at 11:00 PM!


Endless Winther is the ambient solo project of Oslo musician/producer Ivar Winther.


“The Skates”, the music pieces are very long and very slowly progressing.


Photo: Einar Goksoyr Asen

Center of the Universe a.k.a. Jørgen Sissyfus Skjulstad is a Norwegian artist who mainly, but not only, works with music and sound.


“Flash Forward Endless Winther Extended Flutemix” is a remix by Ivar Winther, extending his remix of the catchy song  “Flash Forward” to a full three hours! The slowed-down moods from this unlikely remix make us stand still in time, turning what was originally a club track into an immersive and meditative piece.

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The Common LivingRoom is a community-generated programme, to create community networks by triggering creative solidarity engagement within and ‘outside’ the household. To respond to our current times, collaborators based in Norway will be invited to produce performative actions, e-publications, and micro study meetings over the upcoming months. For that to happen, we have crafted an invitation-in-sequence process; each direct collaborator will be selecting an individual(s) to lead the next event session(s). Aiming to facilitate face-to-face encounters between professionals in various artistic areas and individuals in society.

The Common LivingRoom is supported by Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway) and KORO – Public Art Norway.