Virtual Spaces for Collective Care

Culmination of Hjemmefra #2 Residency:

We are thrilled to share the final outcome of Hjemmefra #2 residency, made possible by the generous funding from Nordic Culture Point.

We would like to thank all the participating artists, namely Stacey de Voe, Johan Lundin, Sall Lam Toro, Lelde Gusta, and Bohdana Korohod also as Luis Peralta, who was behind the tech development.

This journey empowered us to craft a dynamic virtual space, serving as a hub for collective action during times of economic and ecological uncertainty. Our primary focus has been to nurture spaces where care practices can thrive, not just as a concept but as an integral working methodology.

In this virtual realm, we’ve embarked on a journey to challenge prevailing threads of knowledge and life practices within both the art field and society at large. What sets us apart is the creation of an online space that facilitates remote interactions, yet fosters the development of intimate relationships. It’s a resilience of our community, proving that even in the digital realm, meaningful connections can be forged.

We invite you to explore this online space, an outcome of the potential for reimagining how we engage with one another and share our knowledge. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of art and society, we remain committed to fostering collaboration, care, and a collective rethinking of the status quo.