Scott William Raby

Scott William Raby (US/DK) is an artist, arts organizer, and researcher currently based in Denmark. His practice explores the physical and immaterial terrain between art, architecture, infrastructure, and public spaces towards critical, experimental, and discursive interventions. Often socio-economic, geo-political, ecological, legal, and other cultural questions, conflicts, and processes are points of departure for his artistic practice. Through performances, installations, public interventions, social practice, and self- organization he seeks to rethink operations of power, institutional frameworks, and notions of value.

He co-organizes various platforms and projects such as f.eks., Bureau of Analogies (BoA), and AAAA (Aalborg Artist’s Association), a.o. and is the chair of the Danish arts interest organization UKK. He has performed, exhibited, and/or produced projects across an array of contexts including Galerie Elisabeth and Klaus Thoman (Vienna), Art Hub Copenhagen, Argos (Brussels), iProject Space (Beijing), MaaT (Lisbon), and MuHKA (Antwerp), a.o. Previously, he was studying as an artistic researcher within the PhD art department at Goldsmiths (London), and completed an MFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles) in 2012.