Malin Lindmark Vrijman

Malin Lindmark Vrijman together with Mathieu Vrijman are the founders of Kultivator, and has since 2005 worked with experimental encounters between human and ecosystems, both as an artistic practice and as an organizer and curator in a series of national and international projects.

Kultivator is an experimental platform for art and agriculture that initiates and executes projects, exhibitions and workshops where cross-fertilizations between contemporary culture and cultivation is tried, on their farm or anywhere else in the world. In their home location, a rural village on Öland, South east coast of Sweden, Kultivator has a residence for artists, exhibition spaces, and a community vegetable garden incorporated in a forest pasture with grazing sheep, cows, horses, donkeys and chickens. The aim not just organic farming, but building a farm to think-with organically, contributing to artistic knowledge as a way of knowing continuity. The site offers a practical way of doing organic philosophy through involving more than human builders. Since the beginning in 2005, approximately one hundred and fifty

artists, researchers and farmers has stayed and worked at and with Kultivator’s farm. The works ranges from discursive cultivation projects and eco-building experiments to study groups for riding and horsemanship for refugee women or community River-writing sculptures. An important aspect of all activities are exchange of experiences between people with different backgrounds, and the rest of the biosphere, building on participation and practical hands on work.